Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally a Calm Moment

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a month. From our trip to Orlando (which was AMAZING!) to a visit from Aunt Morgan (also fantastic!) and putting our house up for sale (ugh!) and having several showings already (maybe it won't be so hard to sell...?) which means keeping the place immaculate and finding someplace to hide for long periods of time...

Basically, I have been running at 100 miles an hour for the last month. I haven't had a minute of down time and the few second intervals of rest I do get here and there have been entirely devoted to recuperation.

What's so frustrating about everything is that I love being here - I love my home and I want to spend time here, but every minute we're here, the more work I have to do to get it ready for another showing. Jack doesn't understand the principles of cleanliness yet and he's not yet helpful enough to rely on him to keep his toys contained or food off the floor, walls, windows, etc. I love my hub dearly, but there is no way I can count on him for bathroom cleaning duty or oven cleaning, etc. So the onus falls on me to make sure I don't let toothpaste collect on faucets or goop dry on the cook top... whereas before I could say, "Eh, if that laundry sits folded outside the closet door for another day, who cares? I can spend time with Jack NOW and figure out the chores later," now I'm left short-changing my loved ones so that I can hang up a dozen shirts or dust the entertainment center for the billionth time.

Oh well... Such is life, right? If you want to look up the house, it's easiest to look up the MLS # of 2485972. And feel free to put an offer on it... the faster I get out, the faster my life can return to normal!


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