Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tumbling... (albeit, the wrong one...)

So, I have to say, it's taken me awhile to distill our first tumbling experience, regardless of the issues with it being the wrong class. Jack really loved it. He was soooo energetic and was running around waving his arms in the air giggling like a mad man and bouncing off mats and boinging around and playing with the little girls like they were best buddies and he tried so hard to do the stuff they were doing - he tried the balance beam and made it about 3 feet on the low one with me holding his hands and when he did something right he'd give us the hugest grin like, "See? I'm such a big boy and you love me!"

I about broke down a few times just watching him race around... the feelings I had were totally indescribable... I wanted so much for you to see him and I wanted to squeeze him so hard and I was so proud of him for coming so far and absolutely astounded that just a year ago he was a tiny, tiny infant who could barely hold his head up for 3 seconds. Incredible. I really, for the first time, understand how it can seem like you blink and they're grown... for the last year, since it's been so grueling and we've trudged through a lot of difficulty, he and I, with the sleeping and eating and kidney issues, it's seemed like the days dragged on and that he was going to be an infant forever and it seemed like time was just sluggish, as if we were proceeding through syrup. But today I realized that he's not an infant. Far from it. He's Jack. A little kid. A little PERSON. Holy shit, where did that come from?! The past year was all a blink, just like people said it would be, because today, when I saw him running around and didn't even know how we got there. And what's worse is knowing that feeling of time slipping away now too fast is not going to go away, ever, and that we'll constantly be fighting to stay right where we are, to dig our heels in and not move on and relish the moment before it, too, fades away.

I guess it isn't about the class itself, necessarily, it was the setting, and more than that, it was Jack... it was Jack showing me that he's so much more than a tiny little empty slate baby. I love him so much it's overpowering. Wow, motherhood. That saggy butt doesn't seem so important right now.


Hahaha, well apparently going to the gym with Jack is way easier in theory than in practice. We went yesterday and I was on a bike for 5 minutes before they came and got me, saying, "We're so sorry, but he just won't stop crying." So I went in and sat with him for about 15 minutes until he started to calm down and play with the other kids so I snuck out and got on an elliptical for 15 minutes. I went to check on him before I moved to abs and stretches and saw him clinging to one of the tot drop staff for dear life crying his fool head off again. So I went in and rescued the poor staff and decided he'd had all he could take for one day and we headed home.

I think he'll warm up to it soon enough, but it was the first time I'd ever left him with total strangers, and outside of my house, at that. If it were a stranger at my house or someone familiar at the gym, it wouldn't have been so traumatic. But we'll keep trying!

The good news is: I didn't see that awesome person I'd been hoping to avoid!

Today we tried tumbling, which is a Mommy & Me-type class that is mostly playing around on gymnastics mats. Well, I called yesterday to confirm the time and they told me to be there at 9:30.

We rolled in there and realized we were there with a bunch of little (but older) girls in leotards.
"Hmmmmmm....." said My Brain, "This looks weird... and where's Misty and Jack? I thought they were coming...." Well, My Brain doesn't usually work very well, so I overruled it and we started doing the class which Jack LOVED at first - running in circles and stretching and bouncing and music and just loads of good times that had him screaming and squealing and laughing his head off. Then they moved into such things as: Forward Hand Springs and Swinging On The Loops and Walking Along the Parallel Bars. "Erm," My Brain said again, "This can't be right. There's no way a kid under 2 could do this stuff." So one of the Moms suggested to me that I try the next 45-minute class for the younger kids... "You know," said the Mom, "with a ball pit and Ring Around the Rosey..." "Ah, ha! You dummy! I told you this was wrong!" My Brain cried triumphantly. So I just played it cool and said out loud, "You know, this might be a little advanced after all. I will try the next one." Later the instructor told me in as many words that I'm an idiot and shouldn't have brought Jack to something to intense and the next class would be far more appropriate. No kidding, buddy! It was YOUR staff that told me to show up for this one in the first place!

Next thing I know, Misty and Jeremy and Jack (their Jack; the original Jack) showed up, all smiles, ready to do their non-hardcore gymnastics fun. Meanwhile, my little Jack is literally RUNNING out the door with his shoes in his hand like, "Mommy, lets get the HELL out of this crazy place! I'm no gymnast and I'm exhausted from even trying the activities!" Needless to say, I was enthusiastic to follow him out the door and leave my embarrassment behind.

I remember in college on the first day of classes that horrible feeling when you realize you're sitting in a lecture hall in the first row of a class you aren't signed up for... You want to play it cool because you'd rather leave at the end of the lecture with everyone else and just not show up again the next day than stand up and have everyone watch you walk out like an ass. But then the professor starts asking questions in Russian and expects you to respond in kind, especially since you're sitting in the front row and you look twice as dumb because now everyone knows you were just trying to stay to look not-lame... That's how I felt today. AWESOME.

But, like the tot drop, we will go again, but next week it'll be from 10:30 to 11:15 and there will be no Back Tucks or Balance Beam Course for my poor 13 month old toddler to endure. I mean, I can't even change the kid's diaper without him screaming and they're saying "It's time to Log Roll down this wedge!" Oh man, My Brain is lots smarter sometimes than I give her credit for, and I should listen more often.

Meanwhile, off to go do some sit-ups since we're not going to brave the gym again this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here We Go....

Well, I'm starting the long process of getting Jack dressed and ready to go... We're headed to the gym this morning.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

High School?

I really want to start going to the local rec center to work out and take Jack to the tot-drop and some Mommy & Me-type stuff. My friend Misty goes and loves it and I'm really thinking it'd be awesome for both Jack and me to get involved.

But how pathetic is it that I'm considering not doing it because my LEAST favorite person alive *may* go there? Ugh, I can't believe how lame that is, and yet, I can't even stand the sight of her so I'm wondering if I should pay a membership fee just so I can go and see her daily...

On the positive side, I lose my appetite whenever I run into her, so combine that with exercise and I just might be a hot-mamma twice as fast...

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm a Giant Douche

As it turns out, locking oneself out of one's house is not such a bad thing unless a) it is cold out, b) you have a young child with you, and/or c) no one on the planet has a key to your house except yourself. All three of those? Bad.

So I had my two neighbors pick the lock on my garage door.

I owe them a pie each. And I'm an idiot.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jack & Enzo

By the way, Jack learned to pick Enzo up. Didn't realize it until I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner and Jack toddled into the kitchen and deposited Enzo unceremoniously on the floor at my feet and said, "Ook! S'at? Ook!" He had grabbed Enzo by the fur/skin by his butt and by his neck and hoisted him straight up off the floor. He let go... well, he didn't so much let go as the FUR let go. So I scolded him between fits of laughter and followed the two of them into the living room to find a MOUND of fur where apparently Jack had been practicing his technique for awhile before actually mastering it enough to show me. At this point, thanks to the handfuls of jellybeans he'd eaten, Jack was covered with nearly as much fur as Enzo and it looked like several rabbits had been slaughtered in the living room by the amout of hair swirling around. So I kept trying to convey the "gentle" message, but stupid Enzo kept going back to Jack instead of running away. After awhile, I figured if the sadistic stupid rabbit wants to get his shit owned, that's his decision because he can still outrun Jack. I gave up and let the two of them have their fun. However, Jack wouldn't eat his dinner because every time he tried to put food in his mouth he'd get hair in it and in his eyes and it was a royal mess and I couldn't for the life of me de-fuzz him until the bath. Dear God.

Easter Schmeaster

Happy Easter... don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-Easter... it's just hard to really get all that into the mood without Justin here. Chicken strips and beans for dinner with pizza for dessert with the neighbors... hm... far cry from ham or lamb.

Though, I do own the Easter bunny. I guess being unenthusiastic about Easter is akin to one of Santa's elves being buddy-buddy with the Grinch...

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Yard Hates Me

Well, because I have to keep busy and because I feel that every child deserves a yard he can run barefoot in without risk of death, I busted my tail today to rake up every prickey-pod and leaf and pull every bizzare weed I could find.

I have a big yard.

And I had a LOT of prickey-pods. What are those anyway? Some kind of seed from those big, useless trees on my neighbor's lot I suppose? And I'm fairly certain that if I took the time to record each find, I'd be able to successfully claim the discovery of at least 3 new species of weed. Seriously, there were THAT many weeds... but they're often clever and disguise themselves as grass and only pop out after you've combed over a patch of sod 3 different times.

But I did it. 7 wheelbarrow loads later, I'm pretty sure my life will be shorter by a year thanks to the random assortment of bug bites I sustained from what I'm sure are also as-yet un-documented kinds of weird tropical bugs. The Amazon has got absolutely nothing on Southeast Georgia when you're talking about a lot that was, as little as 18 months ago, swampy forest.

That being said, I did survive and managed to put 4 tomato plants in the ground, two pepper plants, a mint plant and create a nice little flower bed that I will probably never enjoy due to afore-mentioned bugs. Probably the greatest achievement of the day, though, has to be my tan. I guess all is not lost after all.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, crappy. Back to Navy-induced single-mom-dom... I guess we're just going to be really, really busy to distract ourselves.

I just made a DVD of Justin and our friend Matt reading books to Jack. Of course I set it to sappy Billy Joel music. Of course it will make me cry and Jack will just laugh at Daddy not looking at the camera lens, but looking at the LCD screen instead so it looks like Daddy is reading to Jack's left temple.

Live and learn.

Besides, betcha I watch it by myself time and again when I'm feeling super emotional and missing-him-y. You know, since I'm not nursing Jack anymore, I'll probably get my monthly buddy back, finally. Wow, my first patrol with PMS. This proves to go well.

I think I'll go eat some brownies. I mean, I can work out tomorrow when I would be making DVDs, right? Yeah. Good idea.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As If You Don't Waste Enough Time Online Already

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I suppose I'm doing myself no favors by creating yet another avenue of keeping up with our lives. I'm injecting another method for wasting what little free time I have and thereby making it hard to complain without people rolling their eyes when I say, "gosh, I'm just so busy/tired." What's more, is that I'm sure it's no secret, but I'm a pretty big doufus 90% of the time and a blog is basically guaranteeing that I'll be exposing myself to ridicule and criticism every time I pull a stunt like letting Jack take a grand dump on my cell phone after his bath.

Oh well.

I know most of you are avid readers of the baby page, or at least avid lookers-at-pictures-but-not-leavers-of-comments, but this blog will probably have a little more of the adult (*gasp* but not "adult" as in, wouldn't want to let a priest read it) and a little less of the "oh look how cute my baby is." But, let's be serious, my baby is damn cute, and I'll probably talk about him at least 50% of the time because my life consists of little else.

Distilled down, I just said this page is going to be really boring. That being the case, read at your own risk. Enjoy if you can. And welcome.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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