Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Some Stuff...

...for you to look at. If you see my facebook or baby website, you've seen these a 100 times already!


Prayers for Stellan

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Warm Woolen Mittens...

...and a few of my other favorite things (of the moment):

*Jack expresses gratitude by saying, "Thanks, Buddy!"
*The babies smile so huge when I go near them or they hear my voice
*Addie is starting to coo
*Amber and her new baby Jolee are safe and sound
*We are nearly certain in our decision to stay in the Navy or get out
*I've started planning based on that decision to give myself something to look forward to
*I'm REALLY looking forward to it
*Aqua and orange together
*Chocolate brown and mint green too
*I just made banana cake with Jack (even though he left out the vanilla) and it smells delish
*The new shirt-dress I bought at Target is adorable
*The right food soothes any negative feelings
*The right amount of coffee soothes my frayed nerves
*The "right amount" is usually measured in pints, not cups
*All of Jack's old clothes... I've been going through them to pass on to a friend and it has brought back amazing memories
*And I feel like I'm moving on and growing as a mother of 3, not just "Jack's Mom"
*More sweet, less bitter...
*Photography is so much fun
*Jack tells me he loves me
*I don't have words for the love I feel for my children
*Babylegs are amazing
*And so are WubbaNubs
*We save money for charity and it feels really good
*There are still good people in the world
*I have freaking awesome friends
*When the girls wear white onesies, they look like marshmallows with arms and legs and I want to eat them up
*Babies have a smell to them that I love
*I love 6 months and older much more than the newborn stage
*Halloween is going to be adorable this year...but I can't decide what to make the kids
*Justin's taking leave to just stay at home for a week in August
*My house is constantly a mess but you should see the Crayola artwork that adorns the walls - it makes the mess worth ignoring
*In fact, I'm going to go color some dinosaurs with him

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Really Does., that is. Time. It struck me today, when I was grouchily wishing the girls were older so they could do _____ with us. Or older so I don't have to worry about _______. Then, I looked across the table at my 29 month old Jack and realized that I was wishing away time with my children by wanting the babies to be anything but what they are right this minute. How unfair is that?

This is what I was looking at on June 13, 2007...

...and this is my all-grown-up kiddo on July 7, 2009.

I feel like it was seriously a second ago. And there was so much in-between! How can I wish that away? It's pretty rough right now around here, but instead of working on schedules and ABC's and potty-training and housework, I'm working hardest on slowing down and appreciating each minute for what it is: a blessing, and a unique moment in time that won't ever be repeated. If I look back 2 years from now at today, I want to have something to see. So if I take some time between blog posts or don't return a phone call or get all my laundry folded or take a shower, you'll forgive me; I've got memories to make.

Because it really does fly and I'm terrified that the next time I look across the table at Jack, he'll be telling me which college he's going to go to and I'll have run out of time.


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