Saturday, November 1, 2008


Isn't Jack adorable? I'm so proud of him. Bamm-Bamm... we've called him that since he was itty bitty because he was so strong as a wee baby and he had this thing for bopping our noses...
I realized that I will probably be that mom that lets her kids decide what they want to be for Halloween and then goes out and makes the costumes by hand because they're too ridiculous to find in stores. (What? Exactly like my mom? Whose 7-th grade daughter wants to be a dead pilgrim? Yes...) Along those lines, I will probably pull all-nighters on science fair projects, will bake cupcakes from scratch for the entire grade, and will decorate my car (NOT mini-van) for each and every sporting event for each child.
And I love it.

1 comment:

The Huls Family said...

We all know that this time next year the mini-van will be loaded and you'll be happy about it :)


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