Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Really Does., that is. Time. It struck me today, when I was grouchily wishing the girls were older so they could do _____ with us. Or older so I don't have to worry about _______. Then, I looked across the table at my 29 month old Jack and realized that I was wishing away time with my children by wanting the babies to be anything but what they are right this minute. How unfair is that?

This is what I was looking at on June 13, 2007...

...and this is my all-grown-up kiddo on July 7, 2009.

I feel like it was seriously a second ago. And there was so much in-between! How can I wish that away? It's pretty rough right now around here, but instead of working on schedules and ABC's and potty-training and housework, I'm working hardest on slowing down and appreciating each minute for what it is: a blessing, and a unique moment in time that won't ever be repeated. If I look back 2 years from now at today, I want to have something to see. So if I take some time between blog posts or don't return a phone call or get all my laundry folded or take a shower, you'll forgive me; I've got memories to make.

Because it really does fly and I'm terrified that the next time I look across the table at Jack, he'll be telling me which college he's going to go to and I'll have run out of time.


Christine:) said...

I love it. So well said, and I struggle with this all the time, then spend the rest of my time feeling guilty about it. Hope you guys are doing well.

Tanya said...

Girl, I hear you!! I spent so much time when Kaia was an infant thinking "Oh, when she's older it'll be easier" and wishing for that day to speed up. Now she's going to enter 1st grade and I miss those baby days...although I do like getting sleep now. It's so awesome to take a step back and enjoy the present...since it really is such a gift. Let us know if you're up for an outing anytime!


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