Sunday, September 20, 2009

Because I've Been so Lazy...

...and haven't blogged in forever... I'll give this a shot until I feel more inspired.

Making : plans for our future and loving that we're in control for once!
Cooking : takes me at least 4 times longer than it does to eat.
Drinking : my second gallon of water of the day so I can keep nursing my giant twins.
Reading: random crap on Wikipedia
Wanting: to buy a rug for the living room
Looking: for one of my cookbooks that has an amazing recipe for pineapple upside-down cake in it
Playing: trains with Jack makes me absurdly happy. And peekaboo with the girls. It never gets old.
Wasting: a chance to take a bath on updating my pages...
Listening: to the quiet house and feeling a little lonely.
Enjoying: every single moment of my life right now - even the tough ones.
Waiting: for nothing and just relishing the present - the future and all the good stuff it holds will come soon enough but I won't get this time back. So I anticipate and look forward to things... but I don't really wait for stuff.
Loving: that stuff is right.
Hoping: that all of my cherished friends who are having a rough time right now find peace and stability sooner rather than later.
Marvelling: at how incredibly much I love my family.
Smelling: the lotion I rubbed on Addie after her bath... it's all over my shirt from snuggling earlier.
Wearing: sweat pants and one of Justin's t-shirts
Following: the fly that keeps buzzing around thinking I would kill it if I didn't mind cleaning fly goo off the wall.
Noticing: that my eyebrows haven't been groomed in WAY too long...
Thinking: that it's really past my bedtime.
Bookmarking: various Halloween costume websites, trying to decide what the girls will get to be.
Opening: pictures of Jack's first Halloween and getting giddily excited for this year.
Giggling: at the prospect of making Jordan "Grumpy Bear" carebear and Addie "Sunshine Bear"... we'll see...


Tanya said...

Hey Girl! I have a recipe from this Southern Cakes cookbook...dunno if you want to give it a try. I tried the version for cupcakes that was listed in Disney's Fmaily Fun mag a few mos. ago. It was pretty good. Hope all is well!

Sevendsen said...

In life we play different roles and the difference in happiness or not is in whether we can accept this, as a zookeeper you should take a good look at the trailer for The Zookeeper at


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