Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Know You're a Mom...

My girl Arizona Mamma does "You Know You're a Mom When-sDaze" and I absolutely love participating because every single post without fail has me nodding my head along with her and either laughing or crying because every mom can relate on at least some level.

Sometimes, that's great!  Other times, uh, not so much.

We, for instance, have had a particularly rough start to the week.  Sweltering weather has kept us cooped up inside and I'm trying to get the house ready for the grandparents' visit (yay!) at the end of the weekend, so I've been trying to do too much and maybe not doting on the kids to the extent they'd like.  The result?  A big, hot mess.  I'm a hot mess, the house is a hot mess, the kids are a giant ball of hot mess.  Hot.  Mess.

At this point, I think the cleaning and organizing I'm trying to do is actually making the house worse because the kids are trying extra hard to un-do my work... and then some.

So, you know you're a mom when you try to put laundry away and you see this:

and you think, "I should stop them..." and then you think, "but I should put these socks away first and they'll leave me alone for a second..."  so you let it continue for another minute.

Then you realize that they've dumped 4 books in the tub and you didn't see it at first.  One of those books was a library book.  Due yesterday.

So you come up with a solution:

...because you need to turn that book in when you run errands later.  And while you're waiting for your book to dry, you determine you should clean the bathroom, but in your haste to put everything back before the kiddos realize what you're doing, you end up with this:
...which results at 11:49 pm in a big, disgusting mouthful of diaper cream.  Yummy.  See?  Hot mess.

Anyway, while you're quickly putting stuff back on your bathroom counter, ignoring a 3-year-old's insistence that your betta fish needs a friend, you've left them unsupervised in the living room in front of a tv show, so it should be no surprise to see this:
... and now that 3-year-old logic makes sense.  Plastic fish, real fish.  Real fish, plastic fish... it's all the same, so why not cohabitate?  Awesome.

Jordan had also, in this time, removed her diaper, peed on the kitchen floor and had then occupied herself by dropping Cherrios into the air vent, and Addison had discovered Jordan's puddle. 

So, the net result of my cleaning?  A dirtier, more chaotic zoo of a house, kids who needed sanitizing, a load of wet laundry that needed to be re-run because the dryer was being used for a book, and a late start on our errands, leading directly to Car Nap Syndrome and a ruinous evening, not to mention the distinct feeling of zinc diaper cream slathered on your teeth and tongue.  Our hot mess has become hotter and messier.  What?! That's only possible if you're a mom... or maybe someone who has lots of unruly cats and dogs and a few ferrets... maybe.

AND, wouldn't you know it - this post also eeks its way in as my first entry for

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... a super-nerdy, super-fun meme you can check out at THIS spectacular blog!


Katie said...

THANK GOD there are other Moms out there going through the same things I am! You have to laugh, because there's not much else to do...Thanks for a feel good start to my Whens-daze, we'll see what I have to say by the end of the day, lol

Shannon K. said...

Doesn't it just make you say "huh, why on earth do I bother cleaning the house?" It does me...yet I still bother. I need to at least try to keep up my sanity.

I'm linking you up since I was late this morning.

Shannon K. said...

Doesn't it just make you say "huh, why on earth do I bother cleaning the house?" It does me...yet I still bother. I need to at least try to keep up my sanity.

I'm linking you up since I was late this morning.

L D said...

HA! This is why I've given up cleaning for a while. It's hopeless.

Jennie said...

Oh man, those are awesome!

The diaper cream had me in stitches (and grimacing...because I can ONLY imagine!). Poor thing!

Personally, I think the dryer idea was brilliant! You get 16 mommy points for that! (Whatever that'll buy you.)

sheila said...

ha ha ha! Love the fishy friend! Lol

Lula Lola said...

It's like Murphy's law or something, isn't it? Parenting is just putting out fires all day long!

Kate said...

Grody!!! Just thinking of that stuff in my mouth makes me feel eeked out.

Amy J said...

Oh, how I hate how much my cleaning gets undone! It never ends, does it?

Julie said...

Hahahahaha...I'm laughing with you...not at you!! (Or..if you aren't laughing..than I guess I'm laughing at you!)

Really? A mouth of diaper cream! I'm so very sorry!! I can truthfully say, that has never happened to me.

Now, the pee puddle, that's a whole different story. Why are puddles so enticing??

And..the library book that was due yesterday...well...let's just say my late fees helped build our new library.


KLZ said...

I think the worst is when they KNOW you're trying to clean so they feel the need to hoard and hide everything.

Erica Kreller said...

That was hilarious. Also it's the reason why Susanna was allowed to run circles in her pack and play for about two hours on Sunday while we tried to pack up the Alhambra house. She was perfectly content to do it (even though we try to keep it for sleeping only) and I realized that we really have to pick our battles...anyway, thanks for the laugh, love you!

Natalie said...

So glad I'm not the only one that wonders why I even try to keep things clean. Being a mom is a lot like being a zookeeper ;)

Jami said...

Car Nap Syndrome: my worst enemy. Or maybe my worst enemy is that L can't drag myself out of bed early enough to get all my stuff done and get them in the car before it strikes. Whatever. I think it's awesome that you survived long enough to tell the story!

Tanya said...

This post makes me miss y'all that much more!! ;o)

Candice said...

Yeah...that's why I only clean at naps or bedtime. Otherwise I end up with more messes than I started with!

MBC Scrapbooking said...

OH my goodness, this is an awesome post. LOL- I am laughing my butt off here at the Destin "toothpaste". How in the world did the girls get so big already that they are standing and playing like that?
(I shouldn't even ask that because J does the same thing and he's younger than they are...but you know what I mean).
I miss you!! I have been blog neglectful but it's wonderful to stop by and read your stories;) Who needs clean laundry anyways? E just likes to sit in the basketful of poopy pjs....ew.

I'm rambling. Time to go. Have a great night and a great visit with your family:)

Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

The Desitin thing made me cringe and laugh out loud! You are a rockin' Mom to find the humor in such a crazy day! You are helping the rest of us not feel so crazy and lost when we have the same kind of day. :-D LOVE reading your posts as always!


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