Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dudes, seriously, I can't even keep my head above water right now.  My life is being super high-maintenance and that means blogging is the first ball I drop (because a blog doesn't have fees for being overdue on posting or end up in the E.R. if I'm not watching it constantly or burn because I leave it in too long).  I'll do what I can, but every waking moment is currently occupied with... junk.  Just junk.

Our trip to Virginia was a ton of fun - and successful, since we nominally won our court case.  However, it was in District Court so the Defendant has a chance to appeal the ruling in Circuit Court which will mean another trip back to VA for us and also means I can't talk about the case yet.  BUT we got to spend time with some of the greatest people in the world while we were there, and it's an enjoyable drive, so we had a good time and are looking forward to going back!

I'm decorating for Christmas early (because I'm so excited for it this year!) and spending lots of time playing with the kids - it feels wonderful to get back to the basics of being a Mommy.

The house is hurrying along - we have walls and will have a roof up and a sealed home by Friday!  We're planning to pack up the house we're in around mid-January and close and move by the first week of February!  Our builder is a total rockstar and seems super duper proud of this house - he's as excited as we are!

My dad is going to come out for a visit in early December and I'm working on planning fun holiday stuff for that trip, then there's my favorite holiday EVER, then we're headed to Disney World in early January with the other grandparents before we head back to pack up and move.

Somewhere in there I need to shop for the kiddos' gifts and pick up charity stuff and make monumental decisions like paint, hardwood flooring, granite, fixtures, lighting, where outlets go (um, everywhere!) and carpeting.  I've got cookies to bake and decorate, big meals to fix, and Christmas cards to think about maybe doing.  I'd like to breathe a couple of times, but I'll have to see if that works out.

And it might not sound like much, I realize, but the kids are being really demanding lately and the babe in my belly seems to enjoy causing a fair amount of pain on a pretty regular basis (and at 23 weeks, that's not encouraging, by the way.  Sigh.) so everything takes me about 3 times as long as it should.

Oh! And I turned 28.  3 days ago.  It was a wonderful birthday because NO ONE had a single tantrum AND I got Dunkin' Donuts because my husband is a total angel.  I consider it a success - and a monumental age because it's probably the last birthday I'm going to acknowledge.  I will be 28 every year from here on out (even if I can only realistically pull it off for another few) so feel free to file my age away for memory - it's not changing anytime soon.

So, on that note, I'm going to finish feeding my girls lunch, bathe them, dress them, pick Jack up from school, put the girls down for nap, and keep working on my Christmas decorations (currently 4/5 trees complete!)...

I'll do my best to come up with something witty, amusing and fun soon!


Tanya said...

Happy belated birthday, Love! I promise no illness and/or dental appts. when you come back up (providing it's not the end of May when our next appts will be...hahaha). Keep on keeping on, Supermama!

Mama M. said...

FIVE trees????

Wow. I think I just found someone who likes Christmas as much as me! :D

Soul sisters. Or something.

Shannon K. said...

Hello. This is a call from Blogerican Express. You are past due on your emails, and therefore will be charged a late fee. How's that?

I can't believe you have 5 stinkin' trees!

Oh, and why is your belly causing you pain? Are you being literal?

N said...

Holy cannoli girl, you have a lot going on. I am exhausted just reading your list for the next couple of months. I personally am excited for house picture updates, but that is because I am a nerd. I definitely recommend installing outlets everywhere. hahaha. I love this time of year!

Sheena Simpson said...

Well darlin' you are way ahead of me. And I only have one tree, and am leaving here for Christmas at my parents'.

Have you tried some chamomile tea for calming? Or is it ginger? I can't remember since I haven't had to deal with it in almost three years. I'll try to email you tomorrow I think I know some things to help but I want to unearth my journals to check.

Christine:) said...

You are SUPER MAMA! Seriously- holy cow. Happy belated birthday, and happy Thanksgiving- we love and miss you guys!


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