Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coherent? Probably not.

Oh wow, I had no idea how tired a person could be without running a marathon or climbing a mountain. It's absurd, but I'm struggling to even walk to the kitchen to get coffee. The Gaz fam got in the other night at like 3 am and the girls wouldn't let me sleep between bedtime and then thanks to their decision to have a multi-hour fist-fight, and then Justin's alarm clock and Jack wouldn't let me sleep after that so I lost a full night's sleep. I got a decent one last night but apparently it wasn't enough...

My college-self would be ashamed. I could function so much better after two all-nighters back then than I am now. Am I that old?

So right now Jack is destroying the play room by evenly coating the floor with his 8,000 pieces of wooden train track and all the corresponding trains while Toy Story plays in the background. It looks like Hurricane Katrina hit the Island of Sodor. Oh, what, too soon with the Katrina joke? Whatever.

I got Jack's hair cut at the barber shop at the NEX today and it looks horrendous. My poor little surfer kiddo with a Jim Halpert-like shag has been transformed into a geek who got into a losing fight with rogue weed-whacker. The dude cut the hair over the cow-lick(s) to a scant 1 mm or so... can't wait to see what THAT looks like as it grows out... and the rest of his hair is in varying length chunks with no regard to the nuances of blond in his hair. The effect makes him look... kinda... calico. Or patchwork. Not sure which. It's a little sad in a funny sort of way. At least it'll appease Justin for long enough for me to a) let it grow back out and b) find another place to take him that has some sense of style... or at least some sense of quality over quantity which was probably my biggest mistake in choosing the barbershop on the largest Naval Base on the Atlantic coast. Hm... Possibly a lapse of judgment resulting from the aforementioned exhaustion.

Note to self: get sufficient rest before I attempt to get my hair styled.

Oh well, at least we have the Gazareks here!

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