Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ginormous Belly

25ish weeks.

I'm very proud of my stretchmarklessness.

It takes much hard work to cultivate a stomach this large.
I realized the other day that I have 4 arms and 4 legs in there (along with some heads and torsos and the like, of course) so basically I'm gestating an octopus... I'm sure all gestators of octopi get double chins, so I'm going to not stress about mine and assume it'll go away soon enough. Right? Right. (And I'll find a way to punch you in the face if you point out that it'll only get worse before it gets better.)


Tanya said...

Ummmmm...yeah, so 1) no stretch marks and 2) I looked like that with 1 kid at 5-6 months. NO COMPLAINING! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! Those girls are going to get some good genes!!!

Candice said...

You are a beautiful pregnant should definitely do it again!


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