Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Dirtiest Text I Ever Sent Justin

"Cox coming tomorrow to check out the box. Couldn't do it over the phone... it must be firm. No we aren't paying for them to come."

Let me interpret: Cox is our cable company and our DVR receiver box is on the fritz. They tried to update the software over the phone, but it didn't work because it's most likely the firmware and they have to update that themselves., in person, or else replace the box. I abbreviated firmware to "firm" to save time, but it all just ended up looking like an absolutely filthy message. And because this is a problem with their junk (hehehe, see, I can't stop now) not ours, we shouldn't have to pay for the service call.

So, despite my juvenile sense of humor and love of all innuendos and fart jokes, this is actually an entirely innocent message that just looks amazingly lascivious. Either way, it should put a smile on Justin's face at work.


Christine:) said...

Hahahaha. It will put a smile on Justin's face as well as the rest of the boat!! You can bet that will be passed around all day long...;)

The Huls Family said...

Hahaha.... Christine... if you only knew!

XOXOXO Too funny girl!

Misty said...



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