Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Attack of the Giant Blob

Pretending I like this situation. (Kidding - I'm really excited!)
Additionally horrifying about this picture (as if the gigantic belly isn't enough) is how sickly I look. Somehow I'm battling the worst allergies of my life, laryngitis, an infected wisdom tooth and 44 pounds of extra weight between my shirt and jeans and inside my arms.

If. I. Hear. One. More. Person. Tell. Me. I. Am. Skinny. I. Will. Sit. On. Them.

I recognize I'm not grotesquely obese. HOWEVER comma I really do not think "skinny" is a fair term to use to someone who cannot see anything from about elbow-height down. And skinny people do not have obscene amounts of pain in their lower body caused by the copious amount of weight in the upper body.
Also, don't tell me about how this has flown by. It has not. At all. I have been pregnant for 90% of my life right now and if you try to tell me otherwise, I will sit on you AND suffocate you under the wonder that is The Belly.
(If you want details and specific medical stuff on babies, check out the baby page - link on the right!)


Alan, Bobbi, Hank & Belle said...

You are pretty ginormous...but so am I for 15 weeks!

Christine:) said...

Thanks for posting the pics!! You do have quite the tummy- how do you not have stretch marks? I already have one (just ONE...but still;) at 24 weeks carrying just one little dude! Can't wait for this to be over for you and can't wait to see your little girls!

Amber said...

Definitely not "skinny" (as in the belly), but I do reserve that right to reinstate that word relatively quickly after their birth...no questions asked. Can't say I feel your pain, mine is nowhere near as difficult...But I'll complain to you once A and J are out...They'll be too cute and sweet for you to remember all the pain!

Tanya said...

Yeah, just make sure you stand up in church this week...heathen! ;o) You looked great at the shower!! I showed up to my surprise shower with no makeup and sweats, I believe. Hahahaha.


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