Thursday, April 2, 2009

There Are No Words... describe the incalculable depths of my fury and frustration. I am not a huge fan of venting on my blog because you don't want to read about my crappy life, but tough. Today, I want your day to be as crappy as mine. Today is one of those days where I see happy, smiley people and I want them to stub a toe or start their period in white jeans or discover 4 flat tires on their car.

My stupid, worthless ass of a rabbit launched himself off of the couch yesterday after a random spaz attack and skidded on the wood floor into the wrought-iron coffee table leg. Hard. And broke his paw/leg/arm thing. Or so I thought. But I couldn't feel a fracture and neither could the vet. So they're thinking nerve damage? What?

But we won't know anything for sure until after $360 worth of diagnostics. By that I mean $65.00 for the exotic pet vet visit; $5.00 for biohazard waste removal(?); $118 for sedation during the xrays; $140 for the xray itself and some $30 for pain killers.


Here's the thing. Esmeralda, the girl bun we had a few years ago as Enzo's mate, cost us $780 in vet bills when she passed away. She had a condition from birth, we took her in, it was apparently a lost cause (did they tell us this? no.) but they continued to drag it out over 5 days by telling us she had a 50/50 chance (just to rack up the bill) and she died anyway. So my thinking is this: if this ordeal gets to the $780 mark, I'm going to tell them thanks, but just go ahead and kill the bastard.

He weighs 4lbs 4oz. You cannot TELL me that a ball of fur that weighs that little and doesn't respond to his name is worth anywhere NEAR that much money.

Seriously. I am irate and want to eat the head off of every "cute" little chocolate Easter bunny I see. Out of spite and overwhelming need for chocolate in copious quantities.

Let me not even get into the temper tantrum that Jack threw as we left the vet's office when he realized we were abandoning Enzo there...

And then you see how happy Jack is to snuggle with Enzo (this was taken about 30 minutes before the "incident") and you realize that I'm just stuck with this whole crappy situation. Argh.

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ronee said...

stupid animals that my kids love! i totally get it! I often have to stop and think, just how far will I go to save this animal!GOOD LUCK and have a Choco bunny anyway!


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