Monday, August 10, 2009

Expecting the Unexpected

...alternately titled, "Raising a Jack".

I took pictures of some of the little surprises Jack leaves for me. This post has pictures from just one day of life with my tot. There are so many intangible surprises, I am thrilled that I could capture just a few of the tangible moments as evidence of the active imagination that makes having a toddler boy amazing.

So this post is for everyone who has raised a little boy. It's for anyone who hasn't. And it's for anyone who delights, as I do, in finding comedy in the ordinary.

Because Jack is anything but ordinary.

And I love him.


joanne said...

those really are some adorable pictures , i should start taking pics of the things my boys do , i liked the apple one !!

Tanya said...

Seriously, how precious is that? It just won't be so precious when it's dirrrty drawers left out for you to pick up when he's a teen...hahahahaha.

Misty said...

Ha ha, love it! I'm raising a Jack also and I definitely find stuff like this every day! I find little people in my freezer all the time and parachute guys hanging from my ice maker. Very cute! Wish we lived closer!

Christine:) said...

Hilarious- especially the shoes in the ice maker:)
P.S. your laundry issues are identical to mine right glad you got the clothes- more will be coming!

Erica Kreller said...

That's hilarious. I also have to comment on the fact that there's a booger-blower in with your kitchen utensils. Awesome.

Love you,

My Heart said...

How stinking adorable! Seriously!

Candice said...

Too funny!


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