Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've Gone Dark

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything quality.  And it might be another couple of days.  I am absurdly sick.  Shaking, febrile, mucus-y, cough-y, corpse-warmed-over-in-a-microwave sick.  What started out as a cold has progressed to a righteous sinus infection that has been kicking my jiggly behind for two weeks now.  I thought maybe SARS, but apparently that is sooo 2006.

And it's not just me; the girly twinsies are also sick, though, (hopefully) not as much so as I am.  Then again, I don't have someone feeding me anti-body laden milk every few hours.  I bet that'd help.  But instead I'm just going to have to struggle through my Z-Pack and hope against hope that my immune system crawls out from under whatever rock it has chosen to hide beneath and actually do something about this crappy illness.

So, I'm not going to stress about blogging.  Or laundry.  Or putting dirty diapers in the pail where they belong... or wearing deodorant... or a bra, for that matter.  I'm just going to eat marshmallows and watch HGTV and sleep until I can at least SEE the top of the grave in which I feel I'm laying. 

I know, you hate me.

But I'm mildly delirious most of the time right now and I can't guarantee that I'd have anything coherent to write.

You'll forgive me, yes? 

That's why I love you. 


Tanya said...

OMG, Woman...what do you need????

Crap...I don't have a car since Sean took it for duty yesterday, when he comes home in a few...I'm good.


Kate said...

Oh Melis!! I wish I lived closer so I could take care of you!

Rest as much as you can. Feel better soon.


Arizona Mamma said...

Forgive you? Geez, woman. Just get better. Blogging is blogging. You have real life with which to contend.

LeighAnn said...

Hope you feel better! ...I started a blog too. Ahh, the perils of being a daycare teacher/student haha. j/k.

Christine:) said...

Yuck!! There is nothing worse than being sick while having to take care of kiddos...I hope you all feel better SOON! :(

Peanut said...

You just take time to get yourself better. I usually crawl in a hole and tell the world to deal. That's the time I don't feel bad about being total cranky pants.

CRAZYMOM said...

Feel better soon...

Cindy said...

Awww, feel better! Take care and rest, rest, rest.


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