Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Settled

I've got all the boxes in the house unpacked (the garage has some work we need to do, but we'll get there) and things have a home.  I'm reluctant to start hanging pictures because I want everything to be perfect of course, but we're getting closer.  Blinds are all up and I've got the curtains in Jack's and in the Girls' room hung.  But we're settled in as much as I wanted to be before the baby gets here.  She's going to sleep in our room in the Pack 'n Play for a little while - we're going to buy the girls big girl beds soon and transition them in the next few months so littlest one can have the crib when her big sisters are done with it.  But I'm happy with the progress!

See?  No denying this is my house.  A giant pile of laundry - it's as essential as a toilet.

The cube-system's purpose is supposed to be to stem the flow of toys from the playroom into the living room... So far, I don't know how well it works.  I think it does okay but the toys still invade.  Always with the toys.
I LOVE the guest bathroom!
We're loving it so far!


Natalie said...

I like the toy barracade wall and it is nice to know that your pile of laundry makes you a little bit more like the rest of us. I was starting to think I was just way lazy considering I always have housework and lack the bundles of children you have.....I am going to count my dogs though and pretend that even though they spend most of the evening asleep on the couch that they are the reason I get nothing done.

Mama M. said...

It looks so beautiful!!

Megan said...

Sooo. I was swinging by from Mama M's blog as I love love loved your comment on her nukkie post. I love your blog design, I am jealous of your beautiful house and the nifty now for the totally random cool part. Guess where I live. Go ahead guess. ;)


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