Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marianne's Sterlings Southern Cafe

If you're in the Kingsland/St. Marys area and you're looking for an absolutely fabulous place to go for dinner, I highly recommend Sterlings.
Considering how long it's been since Justin and I went out to dinner at someplace that doesn't have a kid's menu with chicken nuggets, I really wanted to find a great restaurant, and this was it. The ambiance was amazing - very private since it's in a historic southern house - and the servers were fantastic. And the food was so good I can't even believe it. We had calamari for an appetizer that was served with spicy soy sauce instead of marinara sauce and it was excellent. I had grilled salmon that was very good but not remarkable, but Justin's beef tenderloin dish was exquisite. Unbelievably good. I also had a crab bisque that was the best I've ever tasted. We had a glass of wine each with dinner, and we of course had to have dessert which was a shared portion of homemade banana pudding. Also divine - according to Justin, it was the tastiest banana pudding ever in the history of the universe. My experience with banana pudding is limited, but I'm not going to disagree with him.
I can't imagine there is a better restaurant in the area considering all this place has to offer. If you have a special occasion coming up or if you just want to have dinner in a beautiful setting, please give Sterlings a try. I am so glad we did and I'm looking at the calender trying to invent reasons to go back... Next time I plan on trying the shrimp and grits. Mmm!

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Misty said...

Yay! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. I think Jeremy and I will have to go for a belated anniversary dinner when he gets home! Thanks also for the crepe myrtle bug info, I'm heading out to scrub my tree. Wow, that sounds so weird to say! LOL


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