Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Me = Crappiest Blogger EVER

Well, though, in my defense, I have an excuse: Justin's home! Yay! We missed Daddy-man so much that we've been spending every possible minute together which has effectively left me with no time to blog. We're settling back into a routine now, though, so I'll be much more consistent again.

Jack and I on our way to meet the boat.

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Some quick updates:
*The bunny-love didn't work out. The woman in charge of the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue program did an absolutely horrible job coordinating and didn't supply me with the address of the date until an hour after we were supposed to have left the house. I had things to do that evening, so missing our window was a pretty big deal. I was furious and don't get me started on how upset I am over the whole situation. But needless to say, Enzo remains an eligible bachelor.

*We took Justin and Mr./Uncle Matt to the Aquatic Center - everyone loved it!

*Justin had grown a mustache underway. It was pretty disgusting. I don't think it lasted more than 24 hours off the boat.

*We all went to the zoo in Jacksonville. It was so awesome that we got season passes. I am stoked since I, personally, love zoos. Well, I love animals, and since a safari isn't in our budget, I have to be content with the zoo.

*We're still totally unsure of what's going on with our move to Virginia. Anyone want to buy a 4 bedroom/2 bath adorable house in Kingsland, Georgia?

Jack had his 15 month checkup and we found out he's in the 50th percentile for weight (24.4 lbs) and 91st percentile for height (33.5 inches!) which is awesome - he's built just like Daddy!

*Damn Robertson took his car back. Not thrilled about that one. I even offered to let him have the Honda instead. Jerk.

*We've finally made it through the DVR - hours upon hours of TV shows I recorded to catch up on when the guys got back. We're caught up on our shows like House, Greek, Top Gear, The Office, 30 Rock, and of course, Greys. It took some hard-core couch time, but we've done it.

*The welcome home Tennessee/happy birthday Matt party was a total success and so much fun! I am not going to confirm or deny the fact that there may have been a number of beers funneled that day.

Alright, that's all I've got for you - here are a couple of pictures... if you want more, check the baby website over the next few days as I slowly upload the 1000's of pictures we've got of the last couple weeks.

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