Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've Been Tagged...

* I am: Melissa... mommy, wife, friend
* I want: my little one to be my best buddy forever
* I have: more than so many people, and I never forget that
* I dislike: being pregnant
* I miss: being close to family
* I fear: letting my kids down
* I feel: like a heartburny, farty cow
* I hear: the static on Jack's baby monitor
* I crave: love
* I cry: ALL the time when I snuggle with Jack... I'm so overwhelmed with emotion every time I get close to wrapping my mind around all that he is in my life that I can't go any further than "I love this little miracle with all of me" and end up crying
* I usually: take on way too much
* I search: constantly for the crap I misplace
* I wonder: what my twins will look like
* I regret: nothing... my mistakes have made me who I am
* I love: deeply and unconditionally...
* I care: probably way too much
* I always: see the best in people
* I worry: that I'm not making the most of my time here
* I am not: the kind of person who ditches responsibility
* I remember: enough little details about all conversations to make me very difficult to beat in an argument
* I believe: in the good, honest nature of all people
* I dance: way less than I want to
* I sing: Christmas carols and Backyardigans songs
* I don't always: respond to emails on time...
* I argue: because I can
* I write: because it's one thing I do well enough to put out there for people to judge
* I win: rarely... Jack is very persuasive
* I wish: there were fewer miles between me and the people that make "me" possible
* I listen: to anyone, no matter what
* I don't understand: more and more these days...
* I can usually be found: within a few feet of Jack
* I need: lots and lots of baby crap... yikes
* I forget: to thank God as often as I should
* I am happy: ...and that's all I need

So that ended up being way more profound than I thought it would. Especially for 7:30 in the morning.

Amber, Christine, Bobbi... do it up!


Tanya said...

Hey Melissa! I blog-stalked you from Kelly's page! I hope the get-together went well last week and that y'all had fun...AND that there weren't any guests who outlasted all the other guests like at the Huls'! ;o) The kids were sick and I just didn't feel that it was appropriate to "share the love" with all the other kids. Hope all is well! Maybe see you next weekend when Kelly is in town?

The Huls Family said...

YES.... lets plan a get together girls...

Melis said...

Love it.


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