Thursday, January 15, 2009

So I Don't Hate My Minivan.

It's not exactly the hottest car out there. And it was expensive as hell.

But as mini's go... German Engineering is pretty badass.

And the boys love it.

And my tush loves the heated seats.

I have no idea how to use about 80% of the features and it does this thing where the Bluetooth steals all my phone calls and I'm hopelessly unable to control it and I have to talk at the car when I get or make a phone call and the other person's voice emanates from the various 200 some speakers around the van... But overall... It's kinda cool. In an "I'm a trendier soccer mom than you, so I'm pathetic but it validates me slightly" sort of way.

Not to say you should go out and have Routan babies.

But if you should find yourself preg with twins...

1 comment:

Nicole said...

LOL....I am still working on the gadgets in my van and....admittedly becoming a convert for the convenience and ease of having one. We still have one cool car in the, I'll just drive that if need be to get my "cool Mom" fix. :0)


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