Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

This is my sweet, beautiful Addie.  I love her so much.  She's incredible.  Recently she's started singing and taking a real interest in all things musical.  When we go to Mass she "sings" in her sweet little babble voice along with the choir and at dinner she'll keep "singing" the blessing Jack learned at school long after we've begun eating.  She'll sing and Jordan will dance to her song and my heart swells.  She doesn't do a whole lot of pulling up or cruising; she's content to crawl and to sit and flip through books.  She likes to stand at the windows and watch the world outside, then turn to me and tell me about everything she's seen in her sweet little voice with her husky laugh.  I love this age - she asks about everything she can: "Uuuuh DAT?"

My favorite thing about this picture is the lighting - I love how the left side of the picture is light and the right side is dark, but the left side of Addie is in shadow and her right is illuminated... it's so much like she is - multi-faceted.  She has a calm, sweet, passive side, but if she wants to be, she becomes bubbly and animated and steals the show with her funky sense of humor and 4-toothed grin.

So this is my Black and White Wednesday entry - The Long Road to China is where you can find more or enter yourself!  Enjoy!


Kate said...

I love this photo. It's just so sweet.

Nicole said...

I have a photo like this of Jordan standing in a window at her third birthday.....LOVE it. Might have to post that on a B&W Wednesday :-)

Candice said...

What a beautiful shot of a beautiful girl. I love her chubby cheeks. I miss that baby pudge. Graham looks like such a little boy now!

Stacey said...

I love that! What a beautiful photo!


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