Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slipcovers, Burp Cloths, Bugs and Pink & Brown

It's been awhile... didn't want you to forget how adorable Jack is.
Jack's carpenter bee BFF

Misty's ADORABLE burpcloths (and part of my campaign against Justin's insistence that a crazy embroidery/sewing machine isn't necessary)

Seriously? SO CUTE.

Girls' crib - all set up and ready for babies!

Here's the nursery... still needs stuff on the walls. You can see the slipcovered ottoman in the front left... I also upholstered the shelves over the changing table in the same fabric as the chair.

The back of the chair... I wanted buttons instead of bows, but I couldn't find a button store.

The newly slipcovered chair... this isn't a great picture, but there are matching bows on the front.
So that's where my time has been going lately. Sewing slipcovers by hand, setting up my pink and brown nursery, playing with Jack and his bugs and doing all of it at a snail's pace because I'm so overly extraordinarily preg.


Tanya said...

What an awesome mommy! Let us know if you need anything!!

The Huls Family said...

You've done a great job!


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