Friday, December 11, 2009

My 100th Post!

Hooray for me!  I bet this is where you expected me to write something profound?  Hm, sorry.  Profundity and I aren't a good match these days.  BUT, I will make sure I regale you with a few amusing points, even if there is no actual specific thesis for this particular post.  I'm sure you'll forgive me since there are 99 other marvelously fantastic, amusing, insightful, brilliantly written blog posts for your reading pleasure... 

*sigh* You're right.  So, celebrating mediocrity for the 100th time, I present:

My living room floor!  Yay!  And the three kiddos lounging on it, flea-free* at last!

(*until they come back, which they probably will and I will again be placed on homicide-watch.)

You see, fleas attacked us.  No, we don't have pets.  Yes, I am a clean (obsessively so) person and yes, they really are as obnoxious as you've heard.  So after 2 treatments from Terminix (the only reason I've made it through this past year in the dump I call my house) and daily vacuuming, it appears that so far, we've kept the pesky little punks at bay.  Score.  One.  For.  Me.

(And I neeeeeed that point.)

Well.  In the midst of all the drama and chaos resulting from our arachnid visitors, I was able to get all 4 of our trees up.  See?

The living room tree... well, part of it.

The dining room tree.

The girls' tree.

Jack's tree.

... some of the adorable ornaments on the living room (family) tree and of course, the stocking holders. 

Speaking of stocking holders, I had to go buy a few extra ones to accommodate our expanded family, as well as this year's stupendous addition of my mom and sister!  (And even still have one left over for baby #4...? Eventually...?  Please, Hubby...?)

So... hm.  Well, also in Melis-News, Jordan has been driving me crazy since she learned to roll over.  She actually not only learned to roll, but developed a rolling compulsion.  See, I can't keep the kid on her back for the life of me.  Not for a diaper change, not in the bouncer, not even on my lap to nurse, since she's halfway there.  She in fact spends the nursing sessions trying to go the rest of the way over and wind up on my lap on her belly.  Oh, but it's not because she likes being on her belly.  In fact, she hates it.  And she doesn't think to just roll back.  No, she starts shrieking immediately like someone was eviscerating her with a dull spoon.  I mean, normally, fine.  Whatever, Kiddo, I'll help you out.  But it gets pretty old when it happens, oh 12 times a night.  Or when it cuts nap short for you AND your sister... AND your brother because your wailing is loud enough to rattle our next-door neighbor's dishes.  I have no idea how to stop this, either.  She's a weird, weird kid.

The silver lining to the flea issue and to the Jordan/OCD issue is that the combination of the running around and doing crazy housework thanks to the fleas and the increased nursing to get Jordan to sleep after her 5th or 6th nightly wake-up has kicked my metabolism into high gear because mysteriously, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Now, my pre-pregnancy weight was not my ideal weight (I have another 5lbs to go to hit that one) and furthermore, pre-pregnancy weight in no way is related to pre-pregnancy shape.  I could lose another 30 pounds and not attain that... well, I would probably die at that point, but you get the point.  So, go me!  (Really, what this means is that my jeans are looser and all the more willing to allow Muffin Top to creep up and greet the world... joy.)

And lastly, (for now, as I'm making fudge and need to go check on it taste it) I would like to point out that... crap, I totally forgot what I was saying because I went up to add the sentence about Jordan being a weird kid.

*Sigh* Okay, well, I did try to give you a good post for #100, but my tired brain failed me and hey, at least there are photos, right?  Right.  Stop whining. 

Here's to 100 more gems...


Candice said...

I love your gems!! By the way, you are such an over-achiever with your 4 trees!!

Shandal said...

4 trees? Really woman? You're making me look bad, Sheesh! ;) My daughter actually got the Baby's 1st Christmas shoes that you have pictured this year. Too cute! I love your stalking holders!

*Jess* said...

your trees are beautiful!

Christine:) said...

Gorgeous trees! We have the same baby's first Christmas ornament:) P.S. I TOTALLY empathize with your pre-pregnancy weight but not shape thing. 100% completely am there along with you. But at least we look good on the outside, right? ;)
Congratulations on 100 posts!

Shannon K. said...

I love how you just get done talking about having lost the rest of your weight, then immediately go on to say you are going to check the fudge. Unfair. I am so stuck ten pounds away from where I want to be. No fudge for this arse.

Mu said...

Looks like my Christmas Spirit has found its rightful (and righteous) home. Your trees are beautiful! And stop fishing for compliments about your blog. You are and will ever be a better writer than I am, and you know it. Of course, your $120,000 education wouldn't have a thing to do with it, now would it...the only other ego-stroke I'll hand you is that you could publish your hilarious (and sometimes poignant) posts anytime you like. I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished: baby girl, soul-sister, keeper of values and truth. I'll see you soon.

Blogs said...

Everything looks dazzling and the kids on the floor look so perfectly comfortable! :)


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