Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Cake.

Three layers frosted (I cheated with canned frosting!)... I had to freeze it between layers to make it nice and sturdy and make it easier to trim.
Smoothed icing... well, smoothish.
The "pegs"... it was  a whole sheet cake.  I have lots of leftovers to make cake balls!

The "pegs" attached and iced... again, smoothish.
The mess... My counter-tops are tiled so I have to use the table to roll anything out.  Very annoying.

Bad photo, but my skin is STILL blue... It looks like I eviscerated a Smurf with my bare hands.

TA-DA! I don't know if you're supposed to, but I brushed it with a mixture of corn syrup and water to give it a sheen like plastic would have.

With candles...

Big Jack was excited!

Apparently Jordan wanted chocolate cake... Sorry, Doll.

Addie wanted MORE cake.

Jack's sweet friends Kaia and Jarron playing with the decorative Legos.

Jack opening presents while the adults enjoyed the cake.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!  Love you!

(Here's last year's cake:)
 THIS one was all from scratch, including the buttercream icing.  Well, the two cars in the back were store-bought pound cakes, so that's a lie.  But it was mostly from scratch.  And yes, the tracks are chocolate icing.  I'm all about details.


My happy 2-year old.

(And this was his first birthday cake*:) 

*I was not very good at fondant then.  I am still not, but I'm a little better.
 The piping left something to be desired, but it was my first foray into cake decorating.

 It was white-cake from scratch with a raspberry filling.  It was SO YUMMY!



Kristi said...

Wow! The cakes look fantastic! I love the Lego idea - looks like everyone had a lot of fun.

Tanya said...

Jack's mama is kick-ass and the cake looked even BETTER in person (the awesome photo doesn't even do the even=awesomer caked justice). Great job!!! We loved being there to celebrate with Mister Jack (and Misses Jo & Addie)...and you guys too. ;o) *muwah* THANK YOU!

Arizona Mamma said...

Holy crap, woman! I'm envious. I would love to have an ounce of talent when it comes to cake making/decorating. You should see the pathetic pictures of the fish cake Addyson had to have this year. Maybe I'll post them tonight. I am not exaggerating when I say pathetic either.

Sonora said...

I am totally impressed. I couldn't even come close to any one of those cakes. Plus the fact that you found the time to make that lego cake with twin babies...that is impressive!
I laughed so hard at the eviscerated smurf comment. Hahaaha...still laughing.
Love your comment about the girls loving an invite to prom someday. Wouldn't that be a kick!
Have a great day!

Kate said...

I am so impressed! That cake was awesome! And so was the train cake! Holy moly.
You got some serious skillz girl.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Wow! That is so impressive! I love the cakes. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I wanted to take a cake decorating class. Do you have any plans for the twins cake?

Steph_Byers said...

All of your cakes turned out great! I think you should start a little cake business with all the free time you have ;)

Steph_Byers said...

All of your cakes have turned out great! You should open your own little cake business with all the free time you have ;)

Mama (Heidi) said...


Fondant scares me.

Do you have extra hours in you day or something???

Shandal said...

Holy cake making genius! You are so talented!!! All the cakes look amazing!

Katie said...

Awww, this makes your cake making friend VERY proud, what an awesome mom to go to all the work of fondant for her 3 year old! (I know the feeling, lol). Looks awesome! (P.S. Apparently steaming fondant, like with an iron, also makes it shiny like plastic, or so says cake boss. We haven't gotten to try this yet, but I want the opportunity)

blunoz said...

Wow those cakes all look awesome! The lego brick turned out really cool.


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