Friday, March 5, 2010

Traveling With The Zoo

Okay, okay, okay, Kate!  I know you've been itching for me to get back into the blogging world...  Believe me, I wanted to post!  I even went so far as to purchase a laptop so that I could travel AND blog, but Mother Nature had other ideas. 

Okay, allow me to back up. 

We took our Zoo to New York to visit family last week.  You know, just in time to participate in ANOTHER record-breaking snowfall. 


I mean, it was a total blast to have Jack play in snow that was nearly as deep as he is tall. 

But internet was uh, MIA to say the least. 

And when we did find a hotspot, we were pretty busy visiting with family and celebrating Big Man's birthday.  We had a really good time with everyone, even though it was bittersweet in some regards.  Daddy ended up being the hero of the trip when he pulled together an awesome surprise for Jack: a ride on the Metro North train.  Now, for your average New Yorker, a 40-minute round-trip on a commuter train is mundane if not even annoying.  For a passionate 3-year-old, though, it was magical.  And I love my husband even more for giving our son that gift.

So... it has been a bit.  Don't worry.  I've got my feet up and my Snickers and a DVR'ed episode of Grey's so I'll be working on some posts to regale you (Kate) with tales of my antics.


Kate said...

Umm...I don't think I approved any travel for you. I need to know when you are going to be MIA so I can prepare myself emotionally.

Love it when you post pics!!!

Can't wait to see/read how Jack's cake turned out!

Tanya said...

J.J.A. have the most kick-a$$ parents.

*Jess* said...

That is an adorable family picture!


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