Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Picky Toddler Food: Octopus

Well, the picky eater issue is still a daily struggle for us and I'm still trying to come up with new and creative things to feed him and ways to present food so that it's appealing to his irrational unique little brain.

When we were traveling, this was no less of a problem.  In fact, at times, it was MORE of a problem because we were limited in the selection of food we could have on-hand for meals and snacks at any given time since we were staying in a hotel room.

One evening in particular stands out, and will for the rest of eternity: we took the kids to a Japanese steakhouse with Jack's Pawpaw, Uncle Jon and his lady, Amy.  Jack has, in the past, enjoyed the show of the hibachi chef, the presentation of the food, the chance to practice his chopstick skills, and even the taste of the grilled chicken and even, on occasion, a disguised chunk of shrimp.  However, on this night, Pawpaw (my father-in-law) ordered an appetizer of some sushi combo that included raw octopus.

Gag me. 

(I'm not a huge sushi fan. I know; very uncool of me.)

Next thing I know, Pawpaw's presenting Jack with a big, slimy chunk of purple-edged tentacle meat.  I raised an eyebrow, waiting for the squeal of disgust and nearly swallowed my tongue when I watched my son pinch it with his chopsticks and shove it in his mouth with no hesitation.  He chewed it with zest and gusto normally reserved for Tonka fruit snacks before demanding another piece.

I know.  I don't get it either.  Apparently I've not been thinking far enough outside the box.

So my picky-eater tip for the day: try octopus.

Come on; I know you've all got some hanging out in the back of your fridge just begging you to use it, right?  Yeah, just like I've got a hibachi grill built into MY dining room table and the balls to flip knives around like a ninja. 

Octopus.  Seriously?  When McDonalds puts octopus in Happy Meals, maybe I'll make it part of our menu.  Till then, we stick to corn-flake baked chicken nuggets.


Mama (Heidi) said...

That Jack is a brave guy. I do like sushi but nothing raw, thank you very much.
I was shocked that my picked up calamari (also a dislike of mine) and took several bites of different pieces, but shark takes it to a hole new level.

Shandal said...

Octopus? Huh. Who would've known. Thanks for sharing!

Sonora said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Toddlers. I have been struggling for a week to find something she will eat. I hadn't thought of octopus! I may have to try that.
I think they just know when to be contrary. Mom will never expect me to eat this, so I will eat it. Kids. :)

Katie said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, thanks for the laugh today Jack!

Stacey said...

LOL Too funny! I have two kids who LOVE sushi! Go figure. They won't eat peppers, but they'll eat raw fish! I love your blog BTW!

blunoz said...

We've had similar experiences with our boys. They HATE vegetables and have a total fit if there's even a FLECK of "greeeeen stuuuuufff!" in their food. There's something mysterious and magical about extended family members though. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents get our kids to do things they would never do for us in a million years. I'll never forget when my brother came to visit and got the boys to eat PEAS. They ate them happily as long as Uncle Dave was there and it was COOL to do what Uncle Dave did. Ever since then, we keep saying, "But you ATE THEM and LIKED THEM when Uncle Dave was here, why won't you eat them NOW???" No joy. They haven't touched the peas since Uncle Dave left.

Never tried octopus. I did get my eldest to try ahi tuna once and he said he liked it that one time, but has refused to try it since then.

Amber said...

Buy some sushi Mama...and I am kinda bummed that someone as cool as you doesn't like my fave food. But at least Jack does! Good luck with the continued food struggle...you will both laugh at this one day!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Wow. I wouldn't even eat that!!!

My oldest is getting a bit pickier lately, too, so will have to try some new things so he can surprise me, too.

Arizona Mamma said...

Oh yes, Octopus...it's all the rave amongst the toddlers these days. What?! Really? That is just pure crazy. Clearly it is a planned attack against your sanity.

Tanya said...

Dude...imagine my surprise when Jaron started begging for kale @ the commissary after I made those kale chips for him. I love the giggles he gets from the people passing by hearing this kid scream in pure ecstasy over me putting a giant bag of kale in the cart. Weirdo. Hope the girls are doing better! Give me a call when you need an extra pair of arms!


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