Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Your (Kate's) Information...

Dear Readers (Kate),

I regret to inform you that I might take a week off of posting as I need to travel to a different state to find a house for us to occupy when we un-occupy the collossial p.o.s. dump in which we currently reside.

I will strive to write some junk ahead of time to post while I'm gone, but packing for 5 people with 4 sick people in the family AND cleaning the house (because I cannot leave a dirty house behind) takes a HUGE chunk of time, so I can't guarantee anything.

I promise (Kate) that I will be back in action very soon and I will miss you all more than you will miss me, I'm sure!

Tell you what... while I'm gone, you all get to cook up some questions for me to answer in a post when I return.  Go ahead - ask anything!  It can be about food, twins, me, Navy-wifehood - anything!  Just be warned: a non-PG question will receive a non-PG answer (I'm very honest, folks) and if you don't want to hear the answer to something, don't ask it! 

So, comment away and ask your questions and I'll work on that while I'm gone - mmmm kay? (Kate?)



Tanya said...

My only question is when are you free for a date? ;o) I want at least kiddie/hubs and one just adult females. Be safe tomorrow and feel better!!!!

Sonora said...

We will miss you! I hope it all goes well. Sounds like a lot of work to me and it is even worse when you are sick. Hang in there.
Here's a question or two:
What has been the most challenging age your twins have been thus far?
Do you ever feel like they are taking so much time and attention that you feel like you have hardly seen your other child? How do you balance the three when the two are taking so much time and attention?

Kate said...

Thank you for the heads up!! You sure know how I can get my knickers in a bunch if I don't see you posting.

I will miss you!!

And I'll be thinking of some questions for you too :-)

*Jess* said...

Good luck!!

Arizona Mamma said...

Hmmm...feeling a little jilted that you didn't mention me. I'm kidding! I know all too well how Miss Kate needs to have her feathers unruffled ;)

Question: When are you going to move close to me? No, really....when?

Sonora said...

Perhaps I should have thought this through since I know you are busy, but it is too late now and I tagged you. It is actually a pretty easy one that doesn't take too long. I hope everything is going well!


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