Monday, September 13, 2010

Back2Blogging #1 - My First Blog Post

It's not really that I've been away... really... it's just that I've been distracted and tired and barfy... but, ya know... I could use some inspiration here and there.  So, I'm joining the STIS Girls in their blog challenge - Back2Blogging. 

Today, we're re-posting our first post... with possible changes, re-writes, etc... as well as what we like about it.

Here it is: "As If You Don't Waste Enough Time Online Already"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I suppose I'm doing myself no favors by creating yet another avenue of keeping up with our lives. I'm injecting another method for wasting what little free time I have and thereby making it hard to complain without people rolling their eyes when I say, "gosh, I'm just so busy/tired." What's more, is that I'm sure it's no secret, but I'm a pretty big doufus 90% of the time and a blog is basically guaranteeing that I'll be exposing myself to ridicule and criticism every time I pull a stunt like letting Jack take a grand dump on my cell phone after his bath.

Oh well.

I know most of you are avid readers of the baby page, or at least avid lookers-at-pictures-but-not-leavers-of-comments, but this blog will probably have a little more of the adult (*gasp* but not "adult" as in, wouldn't want to let a priest read it) and a little less of the "oh look how cute my baby is." But, let's be serious, my baby is damn cute, and I'll probably talk about him at least 50% of the time because my life consists of little else.

Distilled down, I just said this page is going to be really boring. That being the case, read at your own risk. Enjoy if you can. And welcome.



I began my blog when my husband was deployed and I was lonely - reaching out to a few friends and family who read and followed my life with little Jack when it was just the 3 of us.  I don't think I'd change anything about the post, and I'm pretty glad that I've not waived from my original intent.  I did a brief foray into the world of AdSense, but realized that I'm not about trying to keep up with the likes of MckMama, so I took them down and intend to just plain keep it real (note: there is nothing wrong with ads and using a blog as a source of income; I'm just not there right now) as an outlet for my passions and creativity, my venue for venting and gushing, and as a way of connecting to friends all over the world.  And for me, that's just fine.  What do you think? 


Tanya said... much has changed since you first started!!!

Sonora said...

I definitely have never found your blog boring. I had the urge and still do now and then to try to be like McMamma, but I'm with you, it just isn't the right time for me. For now I will gush about my babies now and then and just enjoy writing what and when I want to. The best thing about blogging for me is meeting people like you.
HOLY COW, congratulations on the pregnancy! Wowee!!! I understand the surprise pregnancy. Mine was the twins so I am glad there is just one for you this time. How exciting, although I can only imagine how you will get through the pregnancy. I hope you get to feeling better quickly and have the easiest pregnancy ever. Blast it that I live so dang far away or I would bring you dinner and watch your kids so you could rest.

Mama M. said...

Oh, how fun!! I really should jump on board with this...

AND YOWZA!! I've gotta read your last post...


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