Friday, September 17, 2010

Five Question Friday

Sick babies and a migraine yesterday derailed my Back2Blogging crap because I ended up going Back2Bed thanks to some Benedryl (for the kids).  So, instead of continuing on to the last day, which requires too much thought and insight, I'm opting for Mama M.'s Five Question Friday instead.  I just wanted a lighter, easier morning of blogging.

So, here we go:

1. What is the 1st nightmare you remember?

Easy.  Peasy. It still haunts me.  I was probably about 5 and I had a fever from some kind of illness and I remember dreaming that the basement level of our house had become Hell - complete with fire and eerie laughter and pitchfork carrying... Cabbage Patch Dolls?  Yes.  My Cabbage Patch Dolls had become demonic rulers of Hell and I was, for some reason, incapable of stopping myself from descending the stairs straight into their firey clutches.  I think I woke up shortly before they actually grabbed me, or my mom woke me up because I was screaming, but I vividly recall the way the fever made me feel hot and how it made the dream seem more real - I also remember feeling my body throb and it seeming like the devilish music the Dolls were swaying to was actually something I could hear.   Ugh - it was terrible.  I HATE fever dreams and I will NEVER own or allow another Cabbage Patch Doll into my house.

2. Favorite sport to play or watch?

Okay, I don't really *play* sports.  I'll flop around like a moron on some court or another or on a field or something, but it's really just a bad imitation of coordination so I avoid that like the plague.  However, I am a die-hard football fan.  College, pro, doesn't matter.  I love football season, I love football food, I love football culture, I love, love, love it.  I love the random dings and chimes associated with network football coverage, and the cadence of the game soothes me, I love the way the announcers' voices sound and the entire experience can always put me at ease.  Unless it's a Notre Dame game, in which case I don't relax until it's over.

3. Once piece of trendy fashion I could pull off?

Well, I don't mind leggings and I wear those only because I wear them with shirts long enough to hide the badonkadonk  and I rather like stuffing leggings into clunky fuzzy boots because the bigness of the boots makes my legs look skinnier by comparison.  And I don't like jeggings (ew, childhood bad memories of the 80's) so I don't give a hoot about them.  I think I wish I could do skinny jeans, but that's just because I wish my badonk weren't so squishy and melty-looking and if I had a sweet little tush, I wouldn't care what I'd be putting it into, pants-wise, because I'd be so happy to have a hot hiney.  I do wish I could pull off hats, though.  I feel like they can totally make an outfit and they look good on me, but I am always afraid I'll look like I'm trying too hard. Does that make sense?  Like, look, I built this whole outfit around a hat.  How lame am I for trying so hard to look cool?  Because I'd totally have to build an outfit around a hat and I'd be desperately trying to look cool.  I think I'm NOT a fashionista at all.

4.  Did you make good grades in school?

Oh boy, I was a total over achiever.  My high school GPA was like a 4.78 or something absurd like that because I am a complete and total geek.  In college, uh, that slipped a little because I over extended myself with trying to do chemical engineering and biochemistry as a double major plus Air Force ROTC and enjoy college life.  So I eeked it out of freshman year with the first D in my life (some sort of crazy calculus course) that was a huge relief to get because I passed the class... and got a C in physics and decided that was all for the birds and switched to Political Science and History (blech, in retrospect, blech) and promptly resumed my over-achieving (and desperate attempts to resurrect my GPA from the damage dealt during my frosh year...).  Yeah, I was kinda obnoxious.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?

Well, none.  None by choice, but I somehow get American Baby sent to me ALL the time for free.  It's like the magazine gods know that I'm perpetually pregnant so they just keep my house constantly stocked with baby mags.  It's a little irksome because I'm not really sure, at this point, how many "Your Total Newborn Care How-To Guide"s I really need... or how many "Breast or Bottle, Which Is Right For You" articles I can read in the bathroom anymore.  I generally just give them to the girls who love to look at other babies and call it a day.

Head over to Mama M.'s blog to play along, or leave your answers as a comment! I'd love to know what you're up to!


Candice said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. I was a total overachiever too! I love 5qf! :)

Sherri said...

I love that you admit to being an overachiever!! And forget the jeggings....totally odd.

Zookeeper Jess said...

OMG! I'm so slap happy because I'm "Zoo Keeper Jess" from Welcome to the Zoo.

We have the same handle ;).

And guess what? I have four kids ages 4 and under. That's almost insane, the resemblence.


Following :)

Kate said...

Badonkadonk is the best word ever.

I bet you could rock any look you wanted. You're GORGEOUS. I'd hate you but I can't, I love you too much :-)

Mama M. said...

Do you have any idea how adorable you are? I hope you do, cuz I laugh everytime I read your stuff, and I sort of want to invite myself over for coffee someday.

I hear ya about the hot tush. I wish I had a hot tush and could pull of those "cheeky" undies that the Vickie's Secret girls look so smashing in.

Bummer, that my cheekies just sag and aren't all cute and perky.

Double bummer.

And your CPK dream????? Whoa.

Sheena Simpson said...

While I love your 5 question fridays. I am kind of in awe of the whole cpk nightmare. I have night terrors as does the 7 and 2 yr old. I thought ours were bad but evil cpks is just...I have shivers.

Tanya said...

I'm going to rock my jeggings for you the next time I see you. ;o) Now go do some squats!


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