Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Here!

I tried to stay away.  I told myself I'd come up with something original and inspiring for you, but the questions were just irresistible... you'll see!  Enjoy!

1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be?

I'm not sure I care... I just wish I had SOMETHING.  I'm from Colorado and that means I'm essentially a blank slate.  I pick up accents everywhere I live and end up sounding like... well, mud.  I've got a New York/Charleston/Virginia/Tennessee thing going on and it's not pretty.  I'd like just SOMETHING.  I'd settle for Tennessee, because, ya know, I live here and it'd make me fit in a little better.  I force some "yall"s out when I'm talking to people but it sounds pretty fake when it's on the heels of me talking about some "schmuck", ya know?

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere?

This wasn't a skill I possessed all my life.  Sleep deprivation in college helped a LOT - I found I could fall asleep sitting in a chair next to the professor in a 4-person seminar.  THAT is skill.  Following that, being pregnant with Jack and working at a high-pressure law-firm, I found that the only way to get through a day was to spend my lunch break sleeping in the trunk of my Prius in the parking garage.  I don't get enough sleep - ever - so I have adapted to get it when and where I can.  It's useful.

3. Do you use public restrooms?

Psh, of course.  I aint skrrrrrd.  I even sit.  I mean, I'll wipe off some pee if it's splattered on the seat, but I figure if my butt cheeks get germy, that's too bad.  They go right back in my pants and I put the pants in my washer.  Or they put new germs on my toilet seat, but I clean those constantly.  I even pee in porta-potties.  I hate being full of pee and any grodiness is totally worth it to me to get rid of it. Seriously.  I'm also not afraid or ashamed of squatting behind some bushes.  I was born, apparently, with some very easy-going buttcheeks.

4. Stuck in an elevator with a celebrity for 24 hours?

I'm wickedly claustrophobic so I'm going to go with that guy that can escape from anything... You know.  Him.  I'd do just about anything to him to ensure that he'd let me out once he escaped.  I'm guessing, though, that's against the spirit of the question, so I'll go with Tina Fey because she is my freaking idol.  So funny.  So cute.  So awesome.  But to  make me feel better, can we make it a very large elevator?

5. Where did you and your significant other go on your first date?

Aw, ready for some cuteness?  I have a story for ya.  Once upon a time, there was a Melis and there was a Justin.  They were freshman at the same school, in the same Engineering class. Justin was in Navy ROTC and Melis was in Air Force ROTC.  She had noticed how handsome Justin was, and, even though she had multiple boyfriends at the time, she couldn't help the fact that Justin took her breath away.  Truly.  She had been hoping for weeks just to talk to him.  They had a ball coming up - the annual Tri-Military ROTC Ball - and Melis had turned down three date offers for the night (knowing that it was mandatory to have a date) hoping and praying that Justin, the guy she'd not spoken to in her life, would ask her.  In desperation, Melis called Justin one day, stammering on the phone like an idiot because in her (uncharacteristically un-suave) panic she forgot his name momentarily.  She asked him something lame about homework.  He replied something smart-assed.  It was mortifying but it ended with Justin asking Melis to the ball and Melis doing a crazed happy dance.

On the evening of the Ball, Melis dressed to the nines with a stomach full of butterflies on speed.  Justin was in his uniform and beyond handsome.  The evening was perfect... And the best part?  No kissing.  No hand-holding.  Just good, old-fashioned chivalry.  Total romance.  Melis and Justin were growing something incredible and weren't sure what or how but they did not want to rush into anything and instead spent months enjoying those drugged butterflies flitting around in their bellies, delighting in each new step and each new sensation and gave their roots plenty of time to grow deep and entwined.

One of these days, if you ask me nicely, I'll continue the story.  It's ADORABLE.

Sigh.  Loved that question! Thanks, Mama M.!  Head over her way to participate your own self! (See?  Working on the "Southern" thing here.)


Sheena Simpson said...

Okay I just have one thing to say. awwwwwwwwwww. How cute are you guys?

And Tina Fey rocks. Baby's Mama one of my faves!

Di said...

I'm totally picturing someone being curled up in a trunk with the lid closed. I'm sure it was a hatchback type of deal but that was the first image that popped in my head! :)

Shandal said...

I'm down with wanting a southern accent too. How could anyone get mad at you with that accent? I think it sounds too cute! hehe

Mama M. said...

"Butterflies on speed"...I love it!! And, I've gotta hand it to you, going with that dude that can escape from anything? Brilliant!!

Tina Fey is a good choice too!

And, can have your large elevator. I'm nice like that. ;)

Kate said...

Ahhhh.....that ball.... My favorite memory is Chris Mader in a paper chef's hat serving up Olive Garden to go in the Welsh Fam dining room!! :-) I miss college!!!

Jami said...

I stuck on: you slept in the TRUNK???


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