Friday, March 21, 2008

My Yard Hates Me

Well, because I have to keep busy and because I feel that every child deserves a yard he can run barefoot in without risk of death, I busted my tail today to rake up every prickey-pod and leaf and pull every bizzare weed I could find.

I have a big yard.

And I had a LOT of prickey-pods. What are those anyway? Some kind of seed from those big, useless trees on my neighbor's lot I suppose? And I'm fairly certain that if I took the time to record each find, I'd be able to successfully claim the discovery of at least 3 new species of weed. Seriously, there were THAT many weeds... but they're often clever and disguise themselves as grass and only pop out after you've combed over a patch of sod 3 different times.

But I did it. 7 wheelbarrow loads later, I'm pretty sure my life will be shorter by a year thanks to the random assortment of bug bites I sustained from what I'm sure are also as-yet un-documented kinds of weird tropical bugs. The Amazon has got absolutely nothing on Southeast Georgia when you're talking about a lot that was, as little as 18 months ago, swampy forest.

That being said, I did survive and managed to put 4 tomato plants in the ground, two pepper plants, a mint plant and create a nice little flower bed that I will probably never enjoy due to afore-mentioned bugs. Probably the greatest achievement of the day, though, has to be my tan. I guess all is not lost after all.

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