Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hahaha, well apparently going to the gym with Jack is way easier in theory than in practice. We went yesterday and I was on a bike for 5 minutes before they came and got me, saying, "We're so sorry, but he just won't stop crying." So I went in and sat with him for about 15 minutes until he started to calm down and play with the other kids so I snuck out and got on an elliptical for 15 minutes. I went to check on him before I moved to abs and stretches and saw him clinging to one of the tot drop staff for dear life crying his fool head off again. So I went in and rescued the poor staff and decided he'd had all he could take for one day and we headed home.

I think he'll warm up to it soon enough, but it was the first time I'd ever left him with total strangers, and outside of my house, at that. If it were a stranger at my house or someone familiar at the gym, it wouldn't have been so traumatic. But we'll keep trying!

The good news is: I didn't see that awesome person I'd been hoping to avoid!

Today we tried tumbling, which is a Mommy & Me-type class that is mostly playing around on gymnastics mats. Well, I called yesterday to confirm the time and they told me to be there at 9:30.

We rolled in there and realized we were there with a bunch of little (but older) girls in leotards.
"Hmmmmmm....." said My Brain, "This looks weird... and where's Misty and Jack? I thought they were coming...." Well, My Brain doesn't usually work very well, so I overruled it and we started doing the class which Jack LOVED at first - running in circles and stretching and bouncing and music and just loads of good times that had him screaming and squealing and laughing his head off. Then they moved into such things as: Forward Hand Springs and Swinging On The Loops and Walking Along the Parallel Bars. "Erm," My Brain said again, "This can't be right. There's no way a kid under 2 could do this stuff." So one of the Moms suggested to me that I try the next 45-minute class for the younger kids... "You know," said the Mom, "with a ball pit and Ring Around the Rosey..." "Ah, ha! You dummy! I told you this was wrong!" My Brain cried triumphantly. So I just played it cool and said out loud, "You know, this might be a little advanced after all. I will try the next one." Later the instructor told me in as many words that I'm an idiot and shouldn't have brought Jack to something to intense and the next class would be far more appropriate. No kidding, buddy! It was YOUR staff that told me to show up for this one in the first place!

Next thing I know, Misty and Jeremy and Jack (their Jack; the original Jack) showed up, all smiles, ready to do their non-hardcore gymnastics fun. Meanwhile, my little Jack is literally RUNNING out the door with his shoes in his hand like, "Mommy, lets get the HELL out of this crazy place! I'm no gymnast and I'm exhausted from even trying the activities!" Needless to say, I was enthusiastic to follow him out the door and leave my embarrassment behind.

I remember in college on the first day of classes that horrible feeling when you realize you're sitting in a lecture hall in the first row of a class you aren't signed up for... You want to play it cool because you'd rather leave at the end of the lecture with everyone else and just not show up again the next day than stand up and have everyone watch you walk out like an ass. But then the professor starts asking questions in Russian and expects you to respond in kind, especially since you're sitting in the front row and you look twice as dumb because now everyone knows you were just trying to stay to look not-lame... That's how I felt today. AWESOME.

But, like the tot drop, we will go again, but next week it'll be from 10:30 to 11:15 and there will be no Back Tucks or Balance Beam Course for my poor 13 month old toddler to endure. I mean, I can't even change the kid's diaper without him screaming and they're saying "It's time to Log Roll down this wedge!" Oh man, My Brain is lots smarter sometimes than I give her credit for, and I should listen more often.

Meanwhile, off to go do some sit-ups since we're not going to brave the gym again this afternoon.

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