Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, crappy. Back to Navy-induced single-mom-dom... I guess we're just going to be really, really busy to distract ourselves.

I just made a DVD of Justin and our friend Matt reading books to Jack. Of course I set it to sappy Billy Joel music. Of course it will make me cry and Jack will just laugh at Daddy not looking at the camera lens, but looking at the LCD screen instead so it looks like Daddy is reading to Jack's left temple.

Live and learn.

Besides, betcha I watch it by myself time and again when I'm feeling super emotional and missing-him-y. You know, since I'm not nursing Jack anymore, I'll probably get my monthly buddy back, finally. Wow, my first patrol with PMS. This proves to go well.

I think I'll go eat some brownies. I mean, I can work out tomorrow when I would be making DVDs, right? Yeah. Good idea.

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