Friday, January 1, 2010

Babies' First Food: Avocados

I do avocados as the first food (after cereals, which I use to get them used to the spoon more than anything) because it is a nutritional power house.  Omega-3's, protein, crazy amounts of vitamins and high calorie density make an avocado one of the best foods you can give your kids.  Plus, you don't need to cook it.  AND if you're like me, leftovers are a welcome treat to smear on a sandwich.

So, I give you, the avocado:

Step 1:  Get your ripe avocado

 Step 2: With a large, sharp knife, slice all the way around it so it falls into 2 halves.
Step 3: Remove brown spots and the pit.  My favorite method of stress-relief pit-removal involves whacking the pit with the knife so it's embedded and then twist... the pit pops right out, then you turn the knife on its side, give it a good whack over the garbage can and you're pit-less!
 Step 4: Mash with fork!  Yay!  Delish!

1 comment:

Sonora said...

I was referred to your site by Arizona Mamma and I am so glad because this is what I needed. I was looking for help with baby food for my twin boys. We even have avocados in the fridge right now. I will try this today and am going to try some of your other ones too. Thanks for the advice!


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